A hard day’s night (The Beatles 1964)

{c: first}
It’s been a [C]hard [F]days [C]night,
And I’ve been [Bb] working like a [C]dog,
It’s been a hard [F]days [C]night,
I should be [Bb] sleeping like a [C]log.
But when I [F]get home to you
I find the [G7] things that you do
Will make me [C]feel [F]al-[C]right.
{c: second}
You know I [C]work [F]all [C]day
To get you [Bb] money to buy you [C]things,
And it’s worth it just to [F]hear you [C]say,
You’re gonna [Bb] give me ev’ry-[C]-thing.
So why on [F] earth should I moan,
'Cos when I [G7]get you alone,
You know I [C]feel [F]O. [C]K.
{c: ending}
When I’m [Em] home [Am] ev’rything seems to be [Em] right,
When I’m [C]home [Am] feeling you holding me [Dm]tight,
[G7]tight, yeah.
{c: Repeat all}
{c: Repeat first + ending}
You know I feel [F]al-[C]-right
You know I feel [F]al-[C]-right

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