I will (The Beatles 1968)

{t:I will}
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{define: D frets 2 2 2 0 fingers 1 1 2 0}
{define: G_ frets 0 2 3 2 fingers 0 2 3 1}
{define: Bm frets 4 2 2 2 fingers 3 1 1 1}

Who [F]knows how [Dm]long I’ve [Gm]loved [C7]you?
You [F]know I [Dm]love you [Am]still.
[F7]Will I [Bb]wait a [C7]lonely [Dm]lifetime[F]?
If you [Bb]want me [C]to I [F]will. [Dm] [Gm] [C]

For [F]if I [Dm]ever [Gm]saw [C7]you,
I [F]didn’t [Dm]catch your [Am]name.
[F7]But it [Bb]never [C7]really [Dm]mattered[F];
I will [Bb]always [C]feel the [F]same. [F7]

[Bb]Love you for[C]ever [Dm]and for[Dm7]ever,
[Gm]Love you with [C]all my [F]heart. [F7]
[Bb]Love you when[C]ever [Dm]we’re to[Dm7]gether,
[G]Love you when we’re a[C7]part.

And [F]when at [Dm]last I [Gm]find [C7]you,
your [F]song will [Dm]fill the [Am]air.
[F7]Sing it [Bb]loud so [C7]I [Bb]can [Dm]hear you. [F]
Make it [Bb]easy [C]to be [Dm]near you [F]
For the [Bb]things you [C]do en[Dm]dear you to me
Ah [Gm]you [C7]know I [Db7]will
I w[F]ill.

[Bb] [C] [Dm] [Gm] [C] [F]

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