Jolene (Dolly Parton 1973)

{artist: Dolly Parton 1973}
# print scale 90% (just black)
{define: Em frets 0 4 3 2 fingers 0 4 3 2 add: string 2 fret 2 finger 1}

{c: (Em kann weggelassen werden)}
{comment: chorus}
Jo[Am]lene, Jo[C]lene, Jo[G]lene, Jo[Am]lene,
I’m [G]begging of you, [Em]please don’t take my [Am]man.
Jo[Am]lene, Jo[C]lene, Jo[G]lene, Jo[Am]lene,
[G]please don’t take him [Em]just because you [Am]can.

1. Your [Am]beauty is be[C]yond compare with [G]flaming locks of au[Am]burn hair,
with [G]ivory skin and [Em]eyes of emerald [Am]green.
Your [Am]smile is like a [C]breath of spring, your [G]voice is soft like sum[Am]mer rain
and [G]I cannot com[Em]pete with you, Jo[Am]lene.

2. He [Am]talks about you [C]in his sleep, there’s [G]nothing I can [Am]do to keep
from [G]crying when he [Em]calls your name, Jo[Am]lene.
Now [Am]I can easily [C]understand how [G]you could easily [Am]take my man,
but [G]you don’t know [Em]what he means to me, Jo[Am]lene.
{comment: chorus}

3. You [Am]can have your [C]choice of men, but [G]I could never [Am]love again,
he’s [G]the only [Em]one for me, [Am]Jolene.
I had to have [C]this talk with you, my [G]happiness de[Am]pends on you
and [G]whatever you de[Em]cide to do, [Am]Jolene.
{comment: chorus}
[Am]Jolene, Jolene.

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