Let it be (The Beatles 1970)

{title: 59. Let it be}
{artist: Beatles 1970}
{define: F* frets x 5 5 x fingers 0 0 0 0}
{define: Em* frets x 4 3 x fingers 0 0 0 0}
{define: Dm* frets x 2 1 x fingers 0 0 0 0}
# https://youtu.be/LoVvrLPX4eQ
# https://tabs4ukulele.com/bands/the-beatles/let-it-be.html

{c:Intro (statt F*-Em*-Dm* geht auch nur F)}
[C] [G] [Am] [F] [C] [G] [F*][Em*][Dm*][C]

#{comment: 1st verse :}
1. When I [C]find myself in [G]times of trouble [Am]Mother Mary [F]comes to me
[C]Speaking words of [G]wisdom: „Let it [F*]be“ [Em*] [Dm*] [C]
And [C]in my hour of [G]darkness she is stan[Am]ding right in [F]front of me
[C]Speaking words of [G]wisdom: „Let it [F*]be“ [Em*] [Dm*] [C]

{comment: Chorus :}
Let it [Am]be, let it [G]be, let it [F]be, let it [C]be
[C]Whisper words of [G]wisdom, let it [F*]be [Em*] [Dm*] [C]

#{comment: 2nd verse :}
2. And [C]when the broken [G]hearted people [Am]living in the [F]world agree
[C]There will be an [G]answer: „Let it [F*]be“ [Em*] [Dm*] [C]
But [C]though they may be [G]parted there is [Am]still a chance that [F]they may see
[C]There will be an [G]answer: „Let it [F*]be“ [Em*] [Dm*] [C]

{comment: Chorus}

#{comment: 3rd Verse :}
3. And [C]when the night is [G]cloudy there is [Am]still a light that [F]shines on me
[C]Shine on till to[G]morrow, let it [F*]be [Em*] [Dm*] [C]
I [C]wake up to the [G]sound of music, [Am]Mother Mary [F]comes to me
[C]Speaking words of [G]wisdom: „Let it [F*]be“ [Em*] [Dm*] [C]

{comment: Chorus}

{comment: Ending (2x):}
# F Em Dm C A# A G F


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