Riptide (Vance Joy 2013)


{title: Riptide}
{artist: Vance Joy 2013}
{define: Fadd9 frets 0 0 1 0 fingers 0 0 0 0}
{c: § = strum and hold}
{c: Intro (2x)}
[Am] [G] [C]

[Am]I was scared of [G]dentists and the [C]dark
[Am]I was scared of [G]pretty girls and [C]starting conversations
Oh [Am] all my [G] friends are turning [C]green
You’re the [Am]magicians as[G]sistant in their [C]dreams
{c: Chorus Part 1: }
Ah [Am]ooh [G]ooh [C]ooh
Ah [Am]ah ooh [G]ooh and they [C]§ come unstuck
{c:Chorus Part 2: }
[Am]Lady [G]running down to the [C]riptide
Taken away to the [Am]dark side
[G]I wanna be your [C]left hand man
I [Am]love you [G]when you’re singing that [C]song and
I got a lump in my [Am]throat cause
[G]You’re gonna sing the [C]words wrong

[Am]There’s this movie [G]that I think you’ll [C]like
This [Am]guy decides to [G]quit his job and [C]heads to New York City
This [Am]cowboy’s [G]running from him[C]self
And [Am]she’s been living [G]on the highest [C]shelf

{c: chorus parts 1 + 2}

#Riff over [C]: C2C4 C4E3 C0 C4 x 4

[Am]I just wanna I just wanna [G]know
[C]If you’re gonna if you’re gonna [Fadd9]stay
[Am]I just gotta I just gotta [G]know
[C]I can’t have it I can’t have it [Fadd9]§ any other way
I [Am]§ swear she’s [G]§ destined for the [C]§ screen
[Am]§ Closest thing to [G]§ Michelle Pfeiffer [C]§ that you’ve ever seen, oh
{c:Repeat chorus part 2 3x}

I got a lump in my [Am]throat cause
[G] You’re gonna sing the [C]§ words wrong


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