Leaving on a jet plane (Peter, Paul and Mary 1969)

originally written by John Denver 1967
{title: Leaving on a jet plane}
{artist: Peter, Paul and Mary 1969 (John Denver 1967)}

All my [G]bags are packed I’m [C]ready to go
I’m [G]standing here out[C]side your door
I [G]hate to wake you [Am]up to say good[D7]bye
But the [G]dawn is breakin' it’s [C]early morn
The [G]taxi’s waitin' he’s [C]blowin' his horn
All [G]ready I’m so [Am]lonesome I could [D7]cry
So [G]kiss me and [C]smile for me
[G]Tell me that you’ll [C]wait for me
[G]Hold me like you’ll [Am]never let me [D7]go
I’m [G]leaving [C]on a jet plane
[G]Don’t know when [C]I’ll be back again
[G]Oh [Am]babe I hate to [D7]go
There’s so [G]many times I’ve [C]let you down
[G]So many times I’ve [C]played around
I [G]tell you now [Am]they don’t mean a [D7]thing
Ev’ry [G]place I go I’ll [C]think of you
Ev’ry [G]song I sing I’ll [C]sing for you
When [G]I come back I’ll [Am]wear your wedding [D7]ring
[G]Now the time has [C]come to leave you
[G]One more time [C]let me kiss you
Then [G]close your eyes, [Am]I’ll be on my [D7]way
[G]Dream about the [C]days to come
When [G]I won’t have to [C]leave alone
[G]About the times [Am]I won’t have to [D7]say


Take me home, country roads (John Denver 1971)

{title: Take me home, country roads}
{artist: John Denver}
{define: G frets 0 2 3 2 fingers 0 2 3 1}

Almost [C]heaven, [Am]West Virginia, [G]Blue Ridge Mountains,
[F]Shenandoah [C]River. Life is old there, [Am]older than the trees,
[G]younger than the mountains, [F]growin' like a [C]breeze.
{c: chorus}
Country [C]roads, take me [G]home, to the [Am]place I bel[F]ong.
West [C]Virginia, mountain [G]mama. Take me [F]home, country [C]roads.

All my [C]mem’ries, [Am]gather round her, [G]miners lady, [F]stranger to blue [C]water.
[C]Dark and dusty, [Am]painted on the sky, [G]misty taste of moonshine,
[F]teardrop in my [C]eyes.
{c: chorus}
[Am]I hear her [G]voice, in the [C]morning hour she calls me,
the [F]radio reminds me of my [G]home, far away.
and [Am]driving down the [F]road, I get a [C]feeling that I should have been home.
Yester[G]day, yester[G7]day.
{c: chorus 2x}
Take me [G]home, country [C]roads.
Take me [G]home, country [C]roads.